The highly anticipated sequel to the all time best selling utility on iTunes. Over 4 million users worldwide!


Enjoy all your videos, TV shows and home movies directly on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Watch any format in the highest resolution. Instant playback with no conversion needed.


Gain control of your Camera Roll. Easily organise, create folders, import from Mac/PC and share with friends. Sit back and enjoy full-screen slideshow presentations with multiple effects.


Password protect your content to restrict access or prevent accidental loss. Your peace of mind is assured with VideoSafe 2's incredible range of PIN codes, gesture passwords, intruder alerts and remote reset options.


Take the hassle out of backing-up your files or syncing multiple devices. Video Safe 2 syncs your content over the air automatically. No fuss back-up of all your important photos and videos.


Access videos stored on your Mac/PC from your iOS devices - anywhere at anytime over WiFi/3G/LTE. AirPlay built-in to enable you to watch full-screen movies on your HDTV or home theatre.

  • One download runs on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Video Safe 2 is designed specifically for both iPhone and iPad so where ever you view your media it just works.

  • Keyboard

    For longer passwords a keyboard entry is available for up to 30 characters.


    4 Digit PIN entry is available for quick access to your safe

    Photo Password

    Photo Password lets you login to your account by using gestures on a photo.


    Multiple keypad options give you total control over how you secure your media

    Snoop Stopper lets you setup a decoy account to prevent prying eyes


    Video Safe 2 allows you to setup multiple accounts that are full independent of each other

  • Browser

    Using the built in browser you can download videos and pictures from the web directly into Video Safe


    Quickly import large files via a USB connection with a PC or Mac

    Camera Roll

    Import media from your iOS device quickly and easily into Video Safe 2

    FTP Server

    Manage your entire collection over WiFi with the built in FTP server.

    Other Apps

    Video Safe 2 supports Open In from other apps as well as sharing to those apps


    Directly transfer media to other devices using Video Safe with Bluetooth.

  • Remote Security

    Be alerted when someone is trying to tamper with your Video Safe.

    With the free exclusive service RemoteSafe™ you are immediately emailed an intruders photo and location if an invalid PIN entry is detected


    Backup Unlock

    Using RemoteSafe™ it's also possible to unlock your app in the event you forget the password.

  • VideoSafe 2 has support for all your favourite types of media right out of the box so you’ll never be left needing to convert or unable to play that important video.


    • JPEG / JPG
    • GIF
    • PNG
    • BMP
    • TIFF


    • MP4
    • AVI
    • DIVX
    • XVID
    • MKV
    • WMV
    • FLA
    • RMVB
    • WTV
    • 3GP
    • ASF
  • Videos anywhere, anytime

    Video Safe 2 includes support for streaming videos from a Video Stream server.

    Access videos in any format from your PC or MAC and stream them via WiFi or 3G instantly and in HD.

    Simply download the free server from


VideoSafe supports full search capability so you can find your media in an instant.

Airplay Enabled

Using AirPlay compatible devices such as an Apple TV you can wirelessly watch videos on your TV.

Multiple Views

Media can be displayed either as a grid or list giving you the flexibility to view your media the way you want.


Speaks your language

VideoSafe supports over 6 different languages including: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese.

Disk Usage

Easily keep on track of available disk space with the inbuilt disk usage monitor.

Brightness Control

Quickly adjust the brightness of the device without leaving the app.


Really good, keeps all my media secured.


Fantastic, plays everything I throw at it.


VideoSafe 2 is amazing.